By Federico Bonelli

By Federico Bonelli

Kim Hoogterp ,  born in Eindhoven (1989)

Because of her enjoyment of moving she trained as a child intensively in dance and gymnastics. Later her fascination for movement made her decide to focus on dance and performance art by studying Modern/ Dancetheatre. During her study she worked with choreographers like Tegest Pecht, Itamar Serussi, Liat Waysbort, Sara Wiktorowicz, Eddy Becquart, Joost Vrouenraets, Chris de Feyter, Lina Limosani, Marc van Loon and Truus Bronkhorst.

In her third year she started to work as an intern for Gabriella Maiorino for the productions Supernova and Supernova 3#. And after graduating (2013) she continued to work as a dancer with Gabriella Maiorino/CLANCARNAL for the productions Supernova 4# (2013), ZERO ZERO ( 2013/2014), Cinematic:1. KIM (2014) and as assistant for Aurora (2014) and Fremdkörper (2015).

She works as a dancer with Lana Çoporda for Take a Closer look (2014-2016) , De Zusjes van Draaiplaneet (6+) (2015) and Draaiplaneet (6+)(2016), with Mouna Laroussi for Haschoema (2014-2016)  and with Iris van Peppen for INSTINCT(2015-2017). She has been involved in several projects that performed at festivals and events like Festival Mundial and Dansnacht in Tilburg, TheaterFestival Boulevard in Den Bosch, Museumnacht Amsterdam and Over het IJ Festival in Amsterdam.

She taught floorwork focused classes to children and adults in Kingston, Jamaica (2013) and guided the (very) intensive workshop with Gabriella Maiorino (2015).

Since 2013 she is based in Amsterdam and develops her own work.

Her solo RAGMANROLLS (2013) was selected for:
Choreo-Graphic-Selection of the ITs Festival 2014
Solofestival in Lissabon (PT) 2014
ACT Festival in Bilbao (ES) 2015