Pulse #2 - Iris van Peppen | Co

Choreographer: Iris van Peppen

Dancers: Makiko Ito, Kim Hoogterp, Aida Guirro Salinas, Wolf Govaerts, Andrea Pisano, Mareike Steffens.

Live music and performance: Marc Nukoop, Hugo Ariens, Lucas Kloosterboer, Rosa van Walbeek.

Light: Ellen Knops.

Video credits and research assistant: Fernanda González Morales

NUCLEUS - Iris van Peppen | Co

Everyday we are bombared with stimuli. Allow this stimuli to pass through so that you can listen to the pulse of your own breath and heartbeat. 

Find out the place deep inside of you that has stored your imagination bursting to come out.
With as little movement and use of space the dancer is creating a large impact of ingenuity.

Choreography and concept: Iris van Peppen
Live Sound: Marc Nukoop
Dancer : Kim Hoogterp


14, 15, 19, 20 ,21-04-2018, Part of Eco Plaza by Hoosh theater, Old School Amsterdam, Amsterdam. TICKETS: WWW.HOOSHTHEATER.NL

10-03-2018 Sencity festival, Tivoli Vreedenburg, Utrecht.

    20-2-2018 Stukafest Delft, Delft.

    Pulse #1 - Iris van Peppen | Co


    A pulse, a heartbeat.
    Life starting with vibration.
    The beat, continuous, pulsing, 
    Untill we take off, silently present in life. 

    Choreography and concept: Iris van Peppen
    Dancers: Andrea Pisano, Wolf Govaerts, Kim Hoogterp, Aida Guirro Salinas, Makiko Ito
    Live Sound: Marc Nukoop

    Trailer IGNORANCE IS KEEPING US ALIVE - collection by Maarten van Mulken "Kill Your Darlings"

    Fashion Film based on the collection named "Kill your Darlings" by dutch designer "Maarten van Mulken". Maarten also did the styling for this and helped with the production. Studio Selvedge went to Brissago, Switzerland for those cool aesthetically pleasing locations.

    Starring: Carlijn Koppelmans, Kim Hoogterp, Kasia Mielczarek

    Music by: Tim Coenen

    OROUJ - OMID NOORI by Mostafa Heravi


    Music & Vocal: Omid Noori

    Words: Jamshid Heydari

    Guitars: & Arrangement: Andishe Hozhabr

    Record: Ali Makhmalbaaf & M.Javad Samnejad

    Mix: Faarjam Saidi

    Master: Majid Kazemi

    2e Camera: Soroush Mehrani

    Dancer: Kim Hoogterp

    Video: Mostafa heravi

    Amsterdam 2017© Mostafa Heravi


    Schermafbeelding 2017-10-17 om 22.11.57.png

    In een draaikolk van elektronische live muziek gaan drie danseressen tot het uiterste en komt hun oerinstinct boven drijven. Het publiek zit er letterlijk midden in. Laat je meevoeren naar het ‘oerdeel’ van ons bestaan. De menselijke en dierlijke instinctieve bewegingen worden voor onze ogen ontrafeld in dans. De dansers Makiko Ito, Kim Hoogterp en Aida Guirro Salinas laten associaties zien van rupsen, walvissen, vleermuizen en de getij wisseling. Alles lijkt met elkaar verbonden en doet een beroep op onze relatie met de (menselijke) natuur.

    Concept & choreografie: Iris van Peppen

    I.s.m. de dansers: Makiko Ito, Kim Hoogterp, Aida Guirro Salinas

    Live muziek: Marc Nukoop (electronics) en Ard Kok (elektrische gitaar)

    Lichtontwerp: Ellen Knops

    Premiere: 16 december 2016, theater de Kikker, Utrecht (NL)


    Een dansvoorstelling over zwaartekracht, spelen, rennen, draaien en vallen.

    Draaiplaneet is een voorstelling over zwaartekracht, over spelen en rennen, draaien en vallen en ander existentieel drama onlosmakelijk verbonden met de dans. Als wij nu eens planeten waren? Onze gedachten rondvliegende materie? Wat als we ons naar een andere dimensie konden verplaatsen?

    Choreografie: Lana Čoporda
    Dans: Kim Hoogterp, Lana Čoporda
    Dramaturgie: Fransien van der Putt
    Lichtontwerp: Edwin van Steenbergen
    Muziek/Muziekadvies: Gabrielle Verleyen
    Begeleiding: Erik Kaiel

    Schouwburgplein Rotterdam



    Locatie: Festivalcentrum de Neude, Trekkerschuur
    woensdag 6 april 15:30
    zaterdag 9 april 17:00
    dinsdag 12 april 10:30
    dinsdag 12 april 16:00
    woensdag 13 april 14:00
    donderdag 14 april 11:00
    Locatie: Fort Ruigenhoek, Trekkerschuur
    zondag 8 mei 15:00
    zaterdag 14 mei 15:00
    zaterdag 28 mei 13:00
    zaterdag 28 mei 15:00                     Locatie: Schouwburgplein Rotterdam                              woensdag 10 augustus 15:00 (Meer informatie)

    schouwburgplein Rotterdam






    Choreography: Annemijn Rijk

    Dancers: Alina Fejzo & Kim Hoogterp



    31 may 2016, Nwe Vorst, Tilburg, 19.00

    27 june 2016, ITs Festival, Frascati, Amsterdam

    13, 14 august 2016, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch (TICKETS)



    INSTINCT - IRIS VAN PEPPEN (2015-2016)

    INSTINCT is a dance project by Iris van Peppen consisting of a series of projects: INSTINCT in prison (Utrecht Down Under), the research residency, the studio performance and INSTINCT on site.

    In August 2015 she made together with cameraman Leo van Emden,  filmdirector Marieke Helmus, sounddesigner Marc Nukoop, dancers Kim Hoogterp, Makiko Ito and Aida Guirro Salidas the dance movie INSTINCT which will premiere at Cinedans Shorts 2016.

    Curently they are working on the performance INSTINCT


    16 december (premiere), Theater de Kikker, Utrecht

    17 december, Theater de Kikker, Utrecht


    Still from INSTINCT

    Still from INSTINCT

    Still from INSTINCT

    De Zusjes van Draaiplaneet (6+) - LANA ČOPORDA (2015)


    Choreography by Lana Čoporda
    Performed by Melanie Wirz and Kim Hoogterp
    Dramaturgy by Fransien van der Putt and Erik Kaiel
    Produced by Tweetakt Festival
    Premiere April 2015


    TAKE A CLOSER LOOK - LANA Čoporda (2014 -2016)

    With Take a closer look choreographer Lana Čoporda tries to pause time. The piece drags us out of our busy lives and takes time to highlight hidden beauty, to point out the absurdity in the ordinary in order to let us see the things we normally walk past. It makes the audience take time to see minor changes taking shape in the moment. Through repetition and evolution of movement a landscape is being created that transforms and resolves in unexpected ways. Take a closer look offers the audience an open space with a light atmosphere, time to perceive, observe and be in the moment of constant change.


    Choreography by Lana Čoporda
    Performed by Čoporda, Kim Hoogterp, Anna Franssen and Yeli Beurskens
    Dramaturgy by Francien van der Put
    Produced by Generale Oost
    Premiere February 2014
    Selected for ITs Festival 2014
    Part of Moving Futures Festival 2015/2016


    Tension versus release, caged versus freedom and love versus death. The social control in the Arabic community and the impact on women are the themes that Mouna Laroussi explores in this short residency project. With dancers Sarah M’Peti and Kim Hoogterp Laroussi tries to find out how a body moves under such conditions. Mouna Laroussi’s work is characterized by her raw, masculine choreographies with a touch of humor. As a young choreographer and theater maker she looks across borders and she inspires by revealing cultural differences and similarities in her work.

    Choreography: Mouna Laroussi
    Dancers: Malou Kaaijk, Kim Hoogterp
    Dramaturge: Suzy Blok
    Artistic advice: Heleen Volman, Wies Bloemen
    Light advice: Location Light Desirée van Gelderen & Erik van Raalte
    Technique: Eva Donker
    Composer: Gagi Petrovic
    Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam
    Production manager: Sanne Wichman
    Supported by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Dansmakers Amsterdam Jonge Makers fonds
    Thanks to: Glenn Westphal

    Part of Moving Futures Festival


    Click here for more information and tickets





    Alma Lindenhovius and Ben Brown


    Kenzo Kusuda, Rita Vilhena, Thomas Jhonnsen, Kim Hoogterp, Alma Lindenhovius


    Anne LA Berge (flute/electronics), Wibert De Joode (bass), Lisa Simpson (Sewing Machine), Ben Brown (drums)


    Ellen Knops

    BIMHUIS Amsterdam



    by Julia Berrocal

    by Julia Berrocal


    is the first portrait of a series which crosses dance and music with inspirations from cinema history.

    In “CINEMATIC.1: KIM” we dive into the power of images, their possible effects in terms of manipulation of behavior and,
    on the contrary, as possible tool to enforce free imagination.



    By Julia Berrocal

    By Julia Berrocal

    Choreography: Gabriella Maiorino

    Dance: Kim Hoogterp

    Music: Simone Giacomini

    Production: CLANCARNAL Amsterdam

    Première: September 2014, Festival Differenti Sensazioni, Biella (IT)


    A duet choreographed by Nishant Bhola based on the Indian goddess "Kali".

    Mundial Festival 2014

    Roosendaal Danst 2014




    MONOLOGUES/ DIALOGUES - Svetlin Velchev (2014)

    Het Huis, Utrecht 11th of May

    OT301, Amsterdam 15th of May

    Camera Maurice Spees Edit Svetlin Velchev Music Gunnar Gunnsteinsson Light Gijs Geluid Performers Kim Hoogterp, Jagoda Bobrowska, Bryan Atmopawiro, Irina Baldini, Svetlin Velchev, Jos Daamen, Lorenzo Capodieci


    “ZERO ZERO” is part of a series of project we developed in the last 2 years that includes performances created for specific venues and re-worked for different locations always keeping the focus on entering in a deep dialogue with the spaces and the audience who inhabits them.

    ZERO ZERO has been created for the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam in November 2013 and originally is articulated in 4 parts (gallery of Honor, contemporary room, elevator and Atrium) and the material has been created in order to dialogue with the atmosphere and the nature of each of the 4spaces.

    In the Gallery of Honor, for instance, the danceis dynamic but elegant and underlines the relationship between the past and the present, the poetic and the energetic, the importance of the details and the strength of big waves of movement.




    Concept and choreography
    Gabriella Maiorino

    Kim Hoogterp, Shay Partush, Svetlin Velchev,  Michael Walti, Anni Kaila, Bryan Atmopawiro, Jos Daamen

    Choreography assistant
    Inbal Abir

    Simone Giacomini


    2nd november 2013, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (NL)


    SUPERNOVA is a location project originally created for the OVER HET IJ festival, in collaboration with Dansmakers Amsterdam, in 2012. Furthermore it has been readapted for the opening of the Museumnacht 2012 at the EYE Filmmuseum of Amsterdam. Both the events have been an enormous success and SUPERNOVA is now being adapted to be performed in different Museums besides different location projects in Holland and Europe. In 2013 it will tour in open air theatres and festivals in Italy.

    SUPERNOVA takes inspiration by the star analogy (the creation and explosion of a Supernova) to guide an investigation on human relationship. The latter is not seen in terms of psychological relation but as the enlightenment of the energetic space created in between the performers and as the fluidity of their individual identities. The focus of SUPERNOVA lies in trying to see the partner as a possibility of expansion of own sense of freedom and not as a limitation of it.

    SUPERNOVA is an immersive performance, where the audience is guided through an emotional, visual and social journey, and in which one is invited to perceive the energies of the performers in various, impacting and yet sophisticated ways.



    SUPERNOVA #1 #2

    Gabriella Maiorino in collaboration with Federico Bonelli and Valentina Campora

    Gabriella Maiorino in collaboration with the dancers

    Francesco Barba, Natalia Vallebona, Valentina Campora, Gabriella Maiorino

    Simone Giacomini

    Federico Bonelli

    Federica Dauri

    Artistic advice
    Suzy Blok, Federico Bonelli

    Dansmakers Amsterdam / Over het IJ festival Amsterdam

    in collaboration with Museumnacht Amsterdam, Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam, Circus Family, Dansmakers Amsterdam and the Theaterschool of Amsterdam.

    Gabriella Maiorino in collaboration with the dancers

    Francesco Barba, Natalia Vallebona, Valentina Campora, Gabriella Maiorino, Kim Hoogterp, Federica Dauri, Giulia Piana, Moreno Perna, Noora Hannula, Charlotte Mathis, Mark Christoph Klee, Yoko Souza Castro Haveman, Sien van Dycke.

    Simone Giacomini

    Federico Bonelli



    (Ammutinamenti Festival, Ravenna (IT))

    Gabriella Maiorino in collaboration with the dancers

    Francesco Barba, Natalia Vallebona,  Kim Hoogterp, Gabriella Maiorino/Giulia Amici

    Simone Giacomini

    Federica Dauri

    Giovanni Cavalcoli

    CLANCARNAL Amsterdam

    5 July 2012, Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam (NL)